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Year of the Wood Dragon Tasting Box - Lunar New Year

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Year of the Wood Dragon Tasting Box, a canine-friendly LNY-themed Snack Box 🐉

Recalling the delight of enjoying dehydrated fruits, seeds, and nuts from traditional candy boxes during LNY, I decided to create a dog-friendly version this year. It's perfect for sharing when furry friends come over to 拜年 (bài nián) or to extend New Year wishes.

Candy boxes play a significant role in Lunar New Year traditions, symbolizing wishes for a sweet and fruitful year. Also referred to as "Tray of Togetherness," these containers emphasize family unity and goodwill, with each treat carrying specific meanings. The diverse flavors represent life's richness, and sharing these boxes conveys blessings to friends and family.

The treats and chews included in Year of the Wood Dragon Tasting Box are thoughtfully selected. The assortment comprises of Chicken Feet, Shrimp Tails, Anchovies, Duck Wing, and Beef Bites.

🐓 Chicken feet, naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, symbolizes the dragon’s claws, bringing luck and strength to Lunar New Year celebrations.

🦐 Shrimp tails are lean and nutrient-rich. The word for shrimp, "ha" in Cantonese, sounds like laughter, symbolizing joy and laughter in the coming year. Including shrimp in Lunar New Year celebrations is believed to bring positivity, prosperity, and good fortune to the household. 

🐟 Omega-3-rich anchovies boost skin, coat, heart, brain, and immune health in dogs. The word for fish, "yu" in Mandarin, sounds like the word for surplus or abundance. As a result, serving fish during New Year celebrations is believed to bring prosperity and surplus in the coming year.

🪽Duck wings, protein-rich and offering natural chondroitin for dental health, symbolize prosperity and unity. The word for wings, "yi," sounds like the word for unity, conveying wishes for a harmonious and prosperous year ahead.

  • 2 oz Anchovies
  • 1 oz Beef or Pork Bites
  • 4 Chicken Feet 
  • 4 Duck wings
  • 1.5 oz Shrimp Tails