"Wild n Fresh treats is my go-to single ingredient treat shop for my 3-year-old bully mix. We have a couple subscriptions for Green Lipped Mussels, Sardine Chunks, and Smelt. We’ve tried many other single ingredient treat shops and always come back to Wild N Fresh treats for 3 reasons: 1) The quality of the treats from Wild n Fresh treats is superior to all other single-ingredient treats we’ve found. The treats dehydrated are fresh and packaged with care. 2) The customer service is amazing. If ever I
have a question about my orders, shipping, subscription management, and item restocks the shop owner responds quickly, gives thorough answers, and is so very sweet and kind. 3) Wild n Fresh treats is an ethically run brand. Treat ingredients are sourced ethically from farms and other places that ethical raise and harvest their animals. I know they’re just dog treats, but it means so much to me that this is a tenet of Wild n Fresh Treats business practice and that they continue to uphold it. 

The bonus is my dog goes WILD for any and all treats from this shop. If you’re on the fence about a Wild n Fresh product or looking for a small, single ingredient treat shop to support, my dog and I give Wild n Fresh treats 4 paws up! ❤️"
- Athena (@estesallears)