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Wild n Fresh Treats

Treat Cutting Shears - Ivory

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Most of our treats are easily breakable but for some that are harder to break apart by hand, you can now cut them up into smaller pieces with these shears.

Made in Japan, the precision ground blades of the shear are Marquench hardened for the best steel structure and durable cutting performance. Hard chrome plating provides extra tough, rust-resistance, wipe-clean blades. The non-slip lightweight grips fit comfortably into the hand and help prevent fatigue.

Ideal for making training treats, cutting into smaller pieces for smaller pets, as well as home gardening and flower arranging.

These were inspired by our brand rep, Oslo and Tina (IG @originofoslo) and many thanks to our reps for helping us test these for months.

These ivory-colored shears come with a logo-printed green pouch for safekeeping the shears when not in use.

*CAUTION* These are extremely sharp. Handle with care.



  • 2" long curved blade holds the stem in place during cutting
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, non-slip grips for continued use
  • High carbon tool steel blades retain their sharpness
  • Hard chrome plated blades for rust/sap resistance and increased hardness