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Holisticanine Holistic Balm

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holistic balm is an all-purpose balm that is both human & pet-friendly. use it as a paw balm, snout balm, skin balm for your fur baby and a lip + skin balm for you!

we recommend the unscented option for cats and puppies, as they are more sensitive to essential oils. unscented is also a great option for sensitive dogs + humans :) 

⋒ lick-safe
⋒ organic
⋒ natural
⋒ vegan
⋒ eco-friendly
⋒ handmade in small batches

application directions: apply to desired area and let soak in for 3-5 minutes. if your fur baby licks the product it is 100% safe, but for best results, allow product to soak in for as long as possible