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Wild n Fresh Treats

Fresh Rep Faves Grab Bag

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Introducing the Fresh Rep Faves Grab Bag, curated by our FW23 Fresh Reps! 


Treat your pups to a delightful assortment of natural and wholesome treats and chews that they'll adore.

🥩 Beef Backstrap: A protein-rich delight, beef backstrap chews contribute to strong bones and teeth, while offering a satisfying chewing experience.

🦬 Bison Trachea: Provides dogs with a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, supporting joint health and dental hygiene while offering a satisfying chew.

🦆 Duck Foot: A crunchy and protein-rich treat that promotes dental health, strengthens joints, and provides a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin for improved mobility.

🐑 Lamb Ear: Supports dental health, aids in tartar removal, and offers a natural source of essential nutrients like protein and vitamins.

🐇 Rabbit Ear: An irresistible and natural chew, support improved joint and dental health while reducing worm burdens. Additionally, they offer abundant nutritional value with various essential minerals.

🦌 Venison Bites: A lean protein source rich in essential nutrients, aiding in muscle development and providing a hypoallergenic option for dogs with food sensitivities.