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Wild n Fresh Treats

Elements of the Earth Grab Bag - Earth Month

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Celebrate Earth Day with treats inspired by the Elements of the Earth: earth, air, fire and water.

This grab bag includes:

  • water: 1 Argentine Red Shrimp
  • air: 2 Duck Wings
  • fire: 1 oz Lamb Liver (warming protein according to Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • earth: 0.3 oz Holisticanine (mu)Shroom Boost


Argentine Red Shrimp: Packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, promoting muscle strength and skin health.

Duck Wings: Rich in protein and natural joint-supporting compounds, aiding muscle growth and dental health.

Lamb Liver (1 oz): Nutrient-dense with essential vitamins and minerals, supporting immunity and digestion.

Holisticanine Shroom Boost (1 oz): Blended organic mushrooms offer immune support, antioxidants, and gastrointestinal health benefits.