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Wild n Fresh Treats

Dehydrated Spooky Bison Patties

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It's Spooky Season! These bison patties are handmade with love into these cute ghost shapes. Preorders will start shipping out as soon as we have them ready. Please allow a 2-week processing time as these will be made to order.

Bison, a healthier alternative to beef, is a great novel protein to add to your pet's diet. Benefits of Bison as a protein source:

  • high protein contents
  • lean and low in saturated fat
  • good source of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid
  • high in B vitamins (vitamin B2 and niacin) - helps convert nutrients into useable energy
  • selenium - essential mineral that acts as antioxidant that fights inflammation
  • zinc - critical for proper immune system and cellular functioning
  • high in iron

Our bison products are 100% Grass Fed & Finished, hormone & antibiotic free, non-GMO, organically raised, and preservative free.

Each bag includes (5) 2 oz patties - each patty weighs about 2 oz fresh and 0.74 oz dried.

These were dehydrated raw in low heat.

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