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Wild n Fresh Treats

Dehydrated Rabbit Hide

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Raised using no growth hormones or antibiotics, these rabbits are a great way to add variety and extra fibers to your pet's diet. They are also great alternative chews if your pet is allergic to traditional proteins like chicken or beef. These rabbits were also raised to the same standards as for human consumption. 

By adding furry chews to your pet's diet, you are providing additional fibers to aid in your pet's healthy digestion. If you are feeding fur for the first time, we would recommend to split into multiple chew sessions to ensure your pet can handle the larger amount of fur.

Wild n Fresh Rep Tips: Although these are recommended more for medium to larger sized pets, you can cut these into smaller pieces for meal topping. The rolls can also provide great mental stimulation.

These were dehydrated raw in low heat. 


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