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Wild n Fresh Treats

Dehydrated Pork Ears (Sliced)

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Pig ears make an excellent chew to keep your furry friend entertained. Made with just one simple ingredient — delicious pig ears! These treats are easily digestible and crunchy, quickly becoming your pet's favorite. Chewing helps satisfy their natural instincts, promotes clean teeth, healthy gums, and combats boredom. The sliced versions are perfect for small to medium breeds.

Small - 3 pig ears sliced into thirds
Medium - 6 pig ears sliced into thirds
Large Bulk - 12 pig ears sliced into thirds

These were dehydrated raw in low heat.

Ingredients: Pork Ears


  • Crude Protein (Min): 66.0%
  • Crude Fat (Min): 28.1%
  • Crude Fiber (Max): < 0.20%
  • Moisture (Max): 6.87%