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Wild n Fresh Treats

Dehydrated Whole Sardines (Wild Caught)

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Think small but with big benefits! Sardines are packed with nutrients like omega-3s, vitamin D and B12, amino acids, and coenzyme Q10. Adding these to your dog's meals once a week can improve muscle development and other connective tissues, boost their immune system, increase dental health, and protect against kidney disease. The omega-3s also help their fur stay nice, shiny, and soft.

Since sardines are smaller fish, they have less mercury content than other fish, lowering the risk of poisoning. These fish are also soft-boned so you can feed them whole, which makes it easier to feed.


  • 3 whole sardines - about 5-7" each sardine.
  • 6 whole sardines - about 5-7" each sardine.

These were dehydrated raw in low heat.