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2023 Lucky Red Envelope Squeaky Toy - Lunar New Year

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What's feature inside? 
 - Our newest three layers laimnate technique ( plushie + canvas + plushie) to prevent easy tear up

- Crinkle paper wrap around the envelope

- Two squeaker in the money for even better playing experience 


Two secret ways to play with our envelope toy?
 - For aggressive chewers, You can let your pup chew the crinkly envelope + squeaky money bill inside the envelope together! Because of our new 3 layers production technique, the envelope itself is stronger than ever! 

- For gentle nibblers, you can let your pup play the envelope toy separately between crinkly envelope and squeaky money bill. Because it won’t be that thick and can enjoy playing the toy for a longer period of time! 


🍊Does Fish have any meaning in Lunar New Year?
The pronunciation for “Fish(魚)” is similar as "Remain (餘)” in Chinese, so "年年有魚"means abundance in Lunar New Year ! 
🍊Why I put the word “福” upside down? 
“福" means fortune and when pasting the character upside down means fortune arrived.