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Wild n Fresh Treats

Dehydrated Whole Ground Rabbit Bites (no fur)

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Rabbit meat is very lean and great for managing your dog's weight and to build muscles. Being a novel protein, rabbit is also great for dogs who have sensitive stomachs or food allergies as there's a better chance they are not allergic to them compared to other protein sources. 

In addition to being lean and a novel protein, rabbit is all white meat, therefore it contains the lowest calories compared to pork, lamb, and beef. Rabbit meat is an excellent source of vitamin B12, which works to ensure that a dog’s nervous system functions properly.

Bonus: Rabbit is a cooling protein and is believed to help with inflammation.

Each bag contains 3oz of whole ground rabbit bites (including the organs) - about 12 - 1" x 1" square bites.

Always sourced in the USA, the ground rabbit bites are dehydrated in low heat.