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Wild n Fresh Treats

Dehydrated Ground Turkey Necks

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Introduce your pets to the benefits of our Ground Turkey Necks, a nutrient-rich addition to their diet. Ideal for those on a raw diet, these ground necks offer essential nutrients suitable for pets of all ages and sizes. Sourced from healthy turkeys, they provide glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, and phosphorus for joint health, strong bones, and teeth. Their ground texture ensures easy digestion, making them suitable for pets with dental issues. Free from additives, they support joint health, promote strong bones, and offer high protein content. Whether mixed with other foods or served alone, our Ground Turkey Necks provide variety and enhanced nutrition for your pet's meals, ensuring they receive essential nutrients conveniently.

Each bag contains 6 patties, each 2.5-3" wide (great for all ages and sizes)

These were dehydrated raw in low heat.